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Pro Flight Simulator Review

Pro Flight SimulatorHow about flying an aircraft of your choice on your favorite city and landing it in your desired destination? This has not been a dream with the amazing Pro Flight Stimulator. For the enthusiast and a flying fan like it’s truly an awesome experience. Here it is important to tell what a pro flight stimulator actually is. Pro flight stimulator is a stimulation game that first released in 2010. This game offers a large number of aircraft from old to new and modern jets, helicopters, fighters and gliders. You have over 150 options to choose from. So this game can be a fun package for the flight lovers and also a practice for the pilots.

The effects in the game are so real, which you can adjust accordingly. You can have choices of different weather conditions, time zones and region to fly in and land at. The pro flight stimulator is the best and most affordable flight sim. It is going to prove to you an excellent purchase when you will be unrevealing its incredible features. It has become a popular choice of the hobbyists and flight enthusiasts now it’s time for you to be yours too.


It’s astonishing feature include as follows.

  • More than 150 aircraft and helicopters
  • Over 20,000 landing destinations
  • Cooperative scenery builder
  • Stress-free flight planner
  • A technical handbook for airplane flying
  • Flight fighting sim game
  • Clear acceleration with no lags in flying

The best thing that I liked about this game is it’s easy to get started even if you are so non-technical like me. You just need to make a purchase and get it installed. First, you are to choose an aircraft that you want to fly from over 150 options. It has different aircraft and vintages like gliders, military fighters, private jets and commercial planes. Then you have to decide your path for the journey that where you want to get started and what is going to be your destinations. You can also include some stop over during your flight. Here you can make a difference by purchasing a deluxe package of the pro flight stimulator in which you can have worldwide scenery add-on whereas its standard package is only restricted to the San Francisco bay area.

The deluxe package covers all airports of major cities in the world. Each airport has been designed as a visual replica with real-life landmarks, including runways, buildings, lights, fences, and any other structure that can be found on that airport. Before you start your journey over the globe you are advised to have a practice on the controls, which includes getting familiar with the cockpit, understanding all the flight signal and learning to use the controllers in the flight. You will find the cockpit details just real as you can see in the real-life airplane. Make yourself able to move aircraft, land and take off while also familiarizing yourself with the oxygen hydraulics, fuel, oil, control locks and wheel chocks.


  1. The list of the advantages of using this wonderful pro flight stimulator is limitless. You may find yourself in a totally new world of experience while flying in the air on your favorite aircraft that ever was just a dream.
  2.  It’s an actual practice in which all the features have been set to make you feel so natural including weather conditions, crashes, real landmarks and real sounds.


  1. To get started with a real life flying experience you need to be mentally prepared with a strong heart as heart pounding can be a common side effect while you take your initial flights.


It was already my selection for the last year but this year, they have come with a lot of advancements in it, which differentiates this with all other flight stimulators. Trust me, you won’t be able to define its real or just a game. Try not to overwhelm all these to you so you stick on one step at a time without feeling any pressure of becoming a flight expert straight away.

Pro Flight Simulator Review

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